Wordpress For Beginners: Build Your Own Wordpress Website

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About this course

In this course, you will learn how to create a professional Wordpress website even if you don't have experience or coding skills.

This is designed for beginners who have never built a Wordpress website (or any type of website) before.

Creating a website might seem scary for a non-techie like you, but once you get started, it's fairly intuitive.

I know kayang-kaya mo ito and I can't wait to help you build your own website!

Digitally yours,

Course Structure


Course Intro

Welcome Aboard! I'm glad that you finally arrived inside our FREE TRAINING in building a Wordpress website.

Web Hosting and WordPress Installation

The following video lesson walks you through setting up a Wordpress website with Siteground. If you want to go that route, skip ahead to that lecture.

Practice Wordpress For Free

If you want to practice WordPress without paying for hosting.

WordPress Dashboard

A quick overview in navigating through your Wordpress dashboard.

WordPress Theme Installation

Installing a theme that matches your preferences.