Attention: Aspiring and Existing E-book  Business Owners!

Overcome Intimidation Of Technology,
Frustration, And Lack Of Knowledge
In Creating A Website For Your E-book Business

This Will Turn You From A Non-Techie & Newbie, To Someone Who Can Build A Fully-Functional Website In 3 Weeks!

Hi there,

Many people like you who started online businesses like ebooks and other information products were excited and full of energy at first.

Ready to do everything needed to finally launch the internet business that will give you the lifestyle that you dream of.

So you created your ebook and lead magnet. Excited ka na i-benta ang product mo!

Pero pagdating sa technical side, like:

  • Building a website,
  • Buying a domain and hosting,
  • Creating a web page,
  • Integration of payment systems,
  • Delivering your ebook to customers,
  • Navigating your Wordpress Dashboard,
  • and the other technical stuff...

…you become paralyzed and stuck.

And when you don’t know what to do anymore, you lose hope so you either give up or just forget about the online business that you started.

Nangyari na ba ito sa’yo?

You Probably Tried Doing This On Your Own.

Navigated the wordpress website, installed plugins, integrated different platforms…

But you felt intimidated by the technology.

You get lost with the unfamiliar dashboard and afraid to click on buttons dahil baka masira ang ginagawa mo.

So you searched Google for instructions. Watched countless YouTube videos and tutorials.

In the end, it still didn’t work.

If that happened, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

Wala namang pinanganak na marunong na agad gumawa ng website.

Maybe hindi ka naman nag aral ng web development nung college ka.

Or medyo may-edad ka na para pag aralan lahat ng ito on your own.

Kaya this technical side of the internet business is really hard to learn.

The problem is…

What You See For Free On The Internet Is Overwhelming Information.

It causes you information overload.

Instead of helping you with your problem, you jump from one tutorial to another without having the solution you really need.

Nakaka-frustrate di ba?

That’s why this new system that I’m going to share with you is different.

Here, you’ll learn the most essential lessons you need to finally build your fully-functional website for your ebook business in as fast as 3 weeks.

From choosing a domain and hosting, choosing the plugins needed, integration to email service provider, delivering your ebook to your customer automated and secured. To additional lessons to launch your internet business successfully.

No fluff. No nonsense. Just pure actionable lessons explained in the easiest way that you can execute right away.

This system will work for you even if you are:

1. Non-Techie

2. Newbie or first timer

3. No idea about building a fully-functional website at all.

Just like what happened to my students below.

Now, before I go on . . .

Do You Really Need A Fully-Functional Website For Your E-book Business In The First Place?

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” - Bill Gates

Even Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and a very successful businessman, mentions how important it is for your business to have an online presence.

Or else, you’ll soon be out of business.

In addition to this . . .
Your website is a platform that you own. That you have control of.

Yes you may have your FB or IG page and pwede ka jan magbenta ng products mo.

But what will you do if these social media platforms crash? (Nangyari na yan a few times already.)

On the other hand, if you have your website that is connected with your email list, you can still reach your audience and customers no matter what happens.

Aside from that, there are…

4 Major Advantages Of Having A Fully-functional Website

Instant Authority Acquired

Customers buy from people whom they trust. And the easiest and fastest way to win their hearts is by having an accessible platform for them.

People tend to search online before buying something. And giving them the assurance that your business legally exist on the web makes their decision-making process a lot easier.

Enhanced Your Online Presence

Having  a platform allows you to build a strong relationship with your market. You are also giving them the chance to know you more by sharing your knowledge and expertise.

And the best thing? You can easily share your content across different social  media platforms to reach more people. 

Automates The Process

What I like about having a functional platform is it simplifies those recurring task in internet business - like delivering the free report to subscribers or sending the product to customers.

It can do its job while your at the beach or having a dinner with your friends in BGC resto.

Your business can operate on its own whenever and wherever.

Makes The Business Scalable

Info-product business is highly scalable and profitable. Meaning, once your system is all set-up, soon it can be turned into an online course website that can also give you an awesome source of income without spending a massive amount on the overhead cost and cumbersome process.

That’s why launching your internet business now is vital to your success.

Aside from monetary gains, you can also start helping your target market solve their problems with the help of your product.

All of that is possible now.

But before I reveal to you this system…

Let Me Introduce Myself First, And Why You Should Listen To Me

Hi, I’m Homerson Bonifacio. CEO of Digital Masters Academy.

My students call me Coach Homer. I’m a website expert and since 2018 I’ve been helping internet business owners like you, build a fully-functional website for their information products.
I helped more than a hundred people already and I heard enough pains and all the struggles in launching an ebook website.
And that became my inspiration to develop this system that is guaranteed to turn newbie and non-techie people into someone who can build a fully-functional website for their products in as fast as 3 weeks.
At this moment you may be asking…

What Exactly Is A Fully Functional Website For E-book Business?

When I say fully functional, it covers the 3 key areas of a successful ebook website that guarantee the delivery of your ebook - automated and secured.


The Complete Tech Stack

Everything you need from choosing the best web hosting company, setting-up your website, understanding email marketing software, to learning the automation and securing your ebook delivery  without hiring any professional web developers.


The Catchy Content Craft

Everything you need to create a high-engaging and effective opt-in page and sales page to turn your visitors into subscribers and eventually your future customers.


The "Wow-Website" Looks

Everything you need to know in creating a functional and professional-looking website such as where the perfect place to put your call-to-action buttons, how have a great color combination and creating a RESPONSIVE website across all devices.

And that is exactly what you’ll learn inside.


The W.E.B. Masterclass

Website for E-book Business Masterclass is the only online course in the Philippines that will teach you a step-by-step system on how to build a fully-functional website for your ebook business.

You’ll learn the exact blueprint I use. Follow this system and you’ll be able to launch your fully-functional website in as fast as 3 weeks.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

1. Get Paid, E-book Delivered

You’ll learn the simplest way to set up an automated system that whenever a customer buys, your product will automatically be sent to them. That way, you’ll be saving lots of time and effort.

2. Product Security

You’ll learn how to make sure you are only giving your product to those paying customers. And prevent non-customers from downloading or sharing your products inside your website. 

3. Web Hosting Set-up

You’ll learn how to set up your web hosting and make sure your website is secured and everything is in place before building any web pages.

4. Wordpress Mastery

You’ll be able to master Wordpress and understand all the working parts inside your Dashboard and connect all the pages involved by following a step-by-step lesson. 

5. Sales page Secrets

There are essential elements that must be included in your sales page to make it more compelling to your audience and eventually persuade them to click the ‘’Buy Now’’ button. You’ll learn those elements in this lesson.

6. Pain Points Identifier

You’ll learn a simple yet effective technique in extracting your audience's pain points using their actual words and experience. So you can use it to make your campaigns more compelling and engaging.

7. Connecting the Platforms

You’ll learn the simplest way to connect all the required platforms like sales page to email service provider, sales page to payment solutions, etc. So you won’t have a headache dealing with each and every setting.

8. Website Workflow

You’ll learn the actual blueprint that I use to build a fully-functional website FAST. You’ll know exactly what to do next after every step. So you can launch your business faster.

9. Discount Coupon Creation

Having a sale or discount is a great way to make people buy your product. In this lesson, you’ll learn the simple way of creating a coupon or voucher code to give discounts - either fixed or percentage amount - when you're having a promotion.

10. E-book Website Essentials

You’ll learn how to create the most essential pages required in a website and how to link them all in one homepage. So you can have a professional-looking and functional online platform.

If You Join W.E.B. Masterclass Today, You Will Also Get These Amazing Bonuses


(Value: ₱ 10,000.00)

You will get to access our masterclass anytime and anywhere. You can learn it at your own pace. Even after your day job, after family matters, anytime you want.


(Value: ₱ 5,000.00)

Imagine being surrounded by like-minded people willing to support you in your journey. Collaborate and help each other inside our exclusive Facebook group by sharing your progress and celebrating every small win.


(Value: ₱ 15,000.00)

You’ll have a live video or via phone call with me to help you in every step of the way until you complete the whole set-up and finally launch your website.

But What If You Don’t Have An E-book To Sell Yet?

Kung wala ka pang ebook product, don’t worry.

Because this new bonus is especially for you.

(NEW) BONUS #4: The 4-Hour AI Video Course

Get access to our NEW program where you'll learn on how to make money out of your created e-book and lead  magnet in as fast as four hours using the power of AI.

You'll also discover how to create and package your ebook into a PROFESSIONAL PDF.

Writing a Sales Letter, creating a punchy Facebook Ads and crafting a compelling lead magnet are also part of this course.

 (Valued at ₱ 8,997.00)

Note: The 4-Hour AI  Video Course will be available only for the first 10 people who will join W.E.B. Masterclass.

But Wait, The Value Doesn’t Stop There.

I want to make sure that you’ll have everything you need even after launching your info-product business.

That’s why I invited industry experts to share their expertise. From Email Marketing, Web Page Content, FB Ads, Chatbot, to Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing.


(valued at ₱5,000.00)

Email Marketing Tips: How to craft your email marketing campaigns and nurture your subscribers.

Allan Ngo



(valued at ₱5,000.00)

Web Page Content Guide: How to Write an Engaging Copy for Your Opt-in and About Me Page.

Jonah Marie Chipeco



(valued at ₱5,000.00)

Facebook Ads: 2-Step Facebook Ad Setup for E-book Launches: How to get qualified e-book leads using Facebook Ads even if you are not a Facebook expert.

Rowil Ruelo



(valued at ₱5,000.00)

Chatbot Marketing: How to turn your website into a leads generating machine using the power of Chatbots.

Dijae Dadula



(valued at ₱5,000.00)

Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing: How to use kindle eBooks to market your business.

Chi Payba-Suarez


That’s A Lot of Value-Filled Bonuses For You!

But you won’t have to pay that much.

I created W.E.B. Masterclass affordable, so I can help more people like you to finally launch your internet business.

That’s why you won’t spend ₱ 73,347.00.

Not even ₱ 50,000.

Not even ₱ 40,000 or ₱ 30,000…

You’ll Get Everything…

  • W.E.B. Masterclass
  • Bonus #1: Lifetime Member’s Area Access
  • Bonus #2: Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Bonus #3: One-on-One Coaching
  • (NEW) Bonus #4: The 4-Hour AI Video Course (Note: The 4-Hour AI Video Course will be available only for the first 10 people who will join W.E.B. Masterclass.)
  • Bonus #5: Email Marketing Tips
  • Bonus #6: Web Page Content Guide
  • Bonus #7: Facebook Ads
  • Bonus #8: Chatbot Marketing
  • Bonus #9: Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing

You can also ENROLL through using the options below:

Still Not Sure If This Will Work For You?
Here’s What I Can Guarantee

I will personally answer all your questions about the process while you are following the course modules. I always make time for my students who have questions or concerns.

I’ll be on your side every step of your journey until you finally launch your fully-functional website for your ebook business. That way, you can be sure that your investment will be worth it.

You want proof?

Just look at what my students say…

Fair enough?

If You’re Still Reading Until Here, That Means You Are Serious About The Success Of Your Internet business.

And gusto kitang tulungan.

I already revealed my proven system that will help you build a fully-functional website for your ebook business in as fast as 3 weeks, kahit hindi ka techie or first time mo lang to gagawin.

I also added tons of valuable bonuses that are guaranteed to speed up your success.

But the decision is still up to you.

The way I see it, you have 3 options.

Option 1: Do it yourself.

You can still try doing it yourself, really. You can watch YouTube videos, search ka sa Google for free tutorials and instructions. If it is easy for you to learn technical stuff, you may succeed.

But if not, this will take you lots of time, headache, and frustrations to figure things out. You can also hire a Web Developer to do your website kung willing ka mag spend ng additional ₱ 20,000 to ₱ 50,000 or more. Without assurance that it will work for your ebook business.

Option 2: Do nothing.

If you already have a fully-functional website for your business, and you are satisfied with it, then good for you.

Or if you get paralyzed and stuck with the technical stuff, you can just forget about this internet business that you started and just move on with your life.

Option 3: Join W.E.B. Masterclass.

Do yourself a favor. Save yourself from the wasted time and frustration. Let me take you by the hand in every step until you finish building your fully-functional website.Launch it as fast as 3 weeks.

So you can finally start that internet business that will give you the lifestyle that you are dreaming of.

Imagine being able to create your fully-functional website kahit hindi ka techie or first time mo lang to gagawin. Gaano kasarap sa pakiramdam yun?

Imagine having an automated business system which lets you earn money kahit nasa vacation ka, sa beach, or even while you sleep. Wouldn’t that be so convenient?

Imagine hindi mo na kailangan mag-hire ng Web Designer at gumastos ng at least ₱ 20,000 to ₱ 50,000 to create your website? What would you do with that money you will save?

What if you can have all that in as fast as 3 weeks? Wouldn’t it change your life for the better?

The choice is yours to make. I’ll see you on the other side.

Digitally yours,
Homerson Bonifacio

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I don't use Wordpress?

Do I really need to do the registration process?

What if  don't have an e-book to sell ,yet?

What if I already have an existing host and domain?

Why there are other topics aside from website building?

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